The Best Sewing Machine For Quilting

Are you thinking about purchasing a new sewing machine or updating your current sewing machine that you use for your quilting tasks? You wont just be quilting but you do want a machine which does quilting well. There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to purchasing the best sewing machine for quilting, or any type of sewing task for that matter. The following is a simple guide for purchasing a new unit that will help you complete your quilting tasks with ease.

One thing that you should definitely look for when purchasing a new machine for your quilting tasks is one that has great straight stitch capabilities. The straight stitch is a major part of the quilting process, so you’ll want to ensure that the unit you purchase can handle the job. If you have experience of quilting you’ll already know how vital this is.

There are other essentials that you should look for when purchasing the best sewing machine for quilting including different hem stitches, different types of feet for different material types, and many others. A good machine is one that will come with a number of accessories to handle multiple types of sewing tasks and not just quilting.

Needle control is very important during quilting activities because of the fact that you will be doing a lot of starting and stopping in order to piece materials together. You want a machine that will give you the ability to stop, pivot, needle up, and needle down with ease and without interruption in order to keep your quilting task moving smoothly.

Motor control is also very important during quilting activities and the best sewing machine is one that will give you the ability to vary the speed of the sewing machine on demand. A foot pedal that will give you full control of the speed of the machine is a must have. Not only does it allow you to control the speed of the sewing machine, but it also frees up both hands which is crucial during the quilting process. A foot pedal may have to be purchased separately, but even if that is the case you must ensure that a reasonably priced foot pedal exists that is compatible with your machine before you purchase the unit.

Purchasing the best sewing machine for quilting can be a difficult process, but if you keep these few factors in mind you will be well on your way to finding the perfect machine for your home quilting needs.

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