Singer Quantum 9960 Review

The Singer Quantum Futura range of sewing and embroidery machines puts top quality, reliable, multi-functional machines within the reach of the non-specialist at relatively reasonable prices. Singer is a household name in this market and is synonymous with top quality and user friendly products. We review the top models from the Quantum range highlighting the standout features of each and what buyers have liked or disliked.

Singer Quantum 9960

Singer Quantum 9960 Features

The Singer Quantum Futura 9960 represents quality embroidery at an affordable price. It may not do absolutely everything, but there is little in embroidery it does not do and what it does it does well, and the price for the machine is unbeatable! Why spend thousands of dollars for an embroidery machine when this does everything for a fraction of the cost.

The Singer Quantum Futura 9960 connects directly to your desktop or laptop. This means you can say “bye-bye” to all of those expensive design disks and cards! You can find a ton of great designs simply by browsing the internet, and the 9960 will accept almost any format you can think of.

Auto-Punch Software is included. If you’re not familiar with Singer’s Auto-Punch Software, it allows you to take simple clip art images and instantly turn them into embroidery designs. This software usually costs around $100 by itself, but it comes standard with the 9960.

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The 9960 has over 80 built-in stitches and 2 hoop sizes: one 7×11 (large) and one 5×7 (small) hoop for embroidery.

The Singer Quantum 9960 is factory-preset to embroidery settings. Let’s face it…you want the 9960 as an embroidery machine, and not a sewing machine. So, it’s nice to have the settings already set to embroidery for you. Just connect it up to your computer, find some designs, and you’re ready to go!

Singer Quantum 9960 Sewing Machines Reviews

The online reviews for the Singer Quantum Futura 9960 Sewing and Embroidery Machine are very impressive. Although not without critical observations. The Instruction Manual is apparently not very thorough. The steps and directions aren’t that clear as they might be. The user will find themselves performing more searches on the computer for information about using the 9960 than you will looking through the directions. With that being said, it’s not very hard to find what you’re looking for on the internet thanks to the 9960 being so popular and masses of information being readily available online for it.

A limiting factor to the 9960 is the computer knowledge required for it’s use. You really need to have at least a little bit of knowledge about computers in order to use this machine to its fullest potential. If you’re lacking in the computer knowledge area, then at least find someone who can help you – or else you’ll be lost in the woods! That said, if you can operate an embroidery machine the computer side is probably the easier part.

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It only includes two fonts with Auto-Puncher Software. The two fonts you receive with the software are Courier and Block. You can purchase disks that contain extra fonts on them, but unless you’re willing to spend upwards of around $200 for a disk, you might want to make do with the Courier and Block fonts.

Having listed what we consider to be the most critical comments, also consider that the reviewers who made the comments above all rated the Singer Quantum Futura 9960 with 4 or 5 stars! So, even with the drawbacks mentioned the reviewers all consider the Singer 9960 to be an excellent beginner, or starter, embroidery machine at a VERY affordable price. While it’s not a “professional” machine, it will suit the needs of the vast majority of embroidery enthusiasts.

If you don’t have a computer, don’t buy this machine! If you do, it truly is a wonderful machine with a mass of functions, a name for quality and reliability, and whilst not cheap it certainly does represent alot for the money. We have no reservation whatsoever in recommending the Singer Quantum Futura 9960 to you the prospective buyer for consideration.

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