Singer 7470 Confidence Electronic Sewing Machine Review

When people shop for a sewing machine, they look for three main things: affordability, a user-friendly product that will not take six months to figure out how to operate, and a quality machine that will perform well and maintain a long life. The Singer 7470 Confidence Electronic Sewing Machine comes from a long line of dependable sewing machines which have been used from generation to generation. Many people purchase a Singer because the name stands for quality and they know they can rely on its dependability.

Singer 7470

Advanced technology allows the Singer 7470 to function with a performance that is easy to use and applies a variety of styles of sewing for diverse needs. Thirteen different needle positions, built-in needle thread capability, stitch editing options, and simple control panel will delight an experienced sewer or a beginner sewer. Designed specifically with the user in mind, the Singer 7470 has been chosen repeatedly by consumers over other sewing machines for its multi-purpose functions and effortless operation. The person new to sewing will relish the time saved with the simple control panel and bobbin system which places the bobbin thread where it is suppose to be without the user having to struggle over performing this task.

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Singer 7470 Sewing Machine Features & Specifications

The Singer 7470 Confidence Electronic Sewing Machine Offers the following features which combine to produce a sewing machine which will let any seamstress, beginner or advanced user excel with a variety of sewing projects.

  • LCD screen and a simple push-button control panel;
  • 173 built-in stitches that can be edited for expanded variation, 1-step button holes;
  • Drop and sew exclusive bobbin system, built-in needle threading, twin needle mode, and 13 needle positions;
  • Free arm with storage capacity, variety of sewing accessories, including 5 snap-on pressure feet;
  • Measures approximately 17-1/5 by 8 by 12- ½ inches;
  • 25 year limited warranty;

Singer 7470 Confidence Reviews

Customer reviews of this Singer 7470 Confidence Electronic Sewing Machine have reported it to be easy to operate for beginners. One customer who is new to sewing reported that she was able to successfully complete a variety of sewing projects with ease, including curtains, quilts, and shirts. Customers also report that the auto tension on the Singer 7470 Confidence Sewing Machine makes it easier to sew with accuracy and little effort.

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When it comes to the stitching variations, consumer reviews have reported that the stitching is extremely useful and helpful but it is necessary to read the manual to understand the operation of the stitching variations. Embellishing stitching is a feature which one person who purchased the Singer 7470 reported has made a dramatic difference in her sewing style, allowing her more stitching options.

Other consumers have written in to state that the electronic control panel at first intimidated them but once they began using it, they were gratified to learn how easy it was to sew a large array of items thanks to the simple buttons on the control panel. Other consumers have reported that they have had zero problems with the bobbin and that they have found the Singer Confidence Sewing Machine to work quietly and efficiently, offering reduced noise, capable stitching, and easy-to-use functions.

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