Buying A New Sewing Machine – Get Your Feature List Sorted

So you have made the decision to purchase a new sewing machine. Whether it’s your first sewing machine or a replacement of an existing machine it’s always exciting, the anticipation of buying something new. But which machine will you go for? What features do you need? Which brand is best? Where can you turn for advice without being pressurized by some over enthusiastic salesman? If this is where you are hopefully the next few paragraphs can help in some small way. This article is not intended to be an exhaustive guide to buying a new machine but it is intended to highlight one of the most important issues in the buying process.

List the Features you need or may require.

Purchasing a sewing machine may not be as substantial a financial outlay as a new house or car. Still for most folk it does represent a lot of money and you want as much for you buck as possible. You certainly don’t want to have spent several hundred dollars only to discover a few days later that your new machine doesn’t have all the functionality you require.

How do you avoid this eventuality? You sit down with pen and paper and list the features, functions you require or anticipate you will need during the lifetime of the machine. You may even end up with a list of needed features and optional preferences (nice but nonessential functions.)

Every new sewing machine on the market has a bewildering array of features and different manufacturers sometimes call the features by different names. Often machines are targeted at specific specialities, for example, embroidery as opposed to other general ‘all singing, all dancing’ machines. In any case, it is vital you check off your list of needed features and do not assume that every product has them all.

If you go for a recognised, reputable manufacturer like Singer, Brother, Janome, etc you are pretty well guaranteed of the quality of the machine and the backup of a decent warranty should anything go wrong (which can happen to any product.) So, again the built-in functionality is the key issue for you.

Do also keep in mind that occasionally the functionality you need may entail additional expenditure on top of the cost of the new sewing machine. Common additional expense is bobbins, a foot pedal, specialised needles, etc. Just bear this in mind when working out your budget.

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