Brother PC-420 PRW Sewing Machine Review

Whether you are an apprentice, a stitching enthusiast or a veteran fashion designer, the Brother PC420 PRW Project Runway Sewing Machine is ideal for you, no matter what the task is: to create a runway gown or unique pillow covers. The Brother PC420 PRW Sewing Machine has a combination of incredible features with advanced technology and everything available at a price which is inexpensive and definitely affordable. Another product from the world’s most renowned sewing machine producers, it caters to all the requirements of a sewer.

Brother PC-420 PRW

It is uncomplicated and even a novice can create amazing quality apparels using this limited edition sewing machine by Brother. The PC420 is made of finest quality materials, robust, technologically advanced and comes with all the necessary features that make it a very capable sewing machine. It has a multitude of features, stitching functions, needle threading system, an LCD screen and numerous other important facets that are found only in the most advanced sewing machines.

It is the fact that it is so reasonably priced even after being fully loaded with features – that should make it an expensive entity – that make this sewing machine a must buy. Its 25 years warranty authenticates its parts and ensures impeccable performance for years to come.

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Brother PC420 Features & Specifications

  • It is a computerized sewing machine and has around 294 decorative and utility stitches.
  • It comes with a twin needle function- walking foot, quilting foot and head covers.
  • Needle threading system and a built in LCD panel.
  • Pre-programmed stitches, Direct Stitch Selection buttons, My Custom Stitch creation program, programmable thread trimmer cuts, 10-key stitch selection.
  • Digital stitch length and width control, built-in knee lift.
  • 2-year electronics warranty, a 1-year labor warranty and a 25-year limited warranty.
  • 55 letters and characters in 3 different fonts and 10 one-step automatic buttonhole styles.
  • Weighs just around 26 pounds and its dimensions are 17.3 x 7.9 x 11.4 inches.

Brother PC420 Reviews

In order to produce an unbiased review of Brother PC420 PRW Project Runway Sewing Machine extensive research was performed. After thoroughly evaluating all major reviewing websites and accumulating real customer’s reviews on this runway sewing machine, it can be confidently stated that the Brother PC420 PRW Project Runway Sewing Machine is highly efficient, reliable and is very easy to use.

Novices with little or no knowledge of operating a sewing machine can create outfits of their style and choice easily by using the Brother PC420. Its uncomplicatedness, even after being loaded with so many advanced features, has made sewers really very happy and content. One of the satisfied buyers stated, “If you’re considering this machine you can buy it with confidence. It is a fantastic sewing machine at a fantastic price!!!”

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If you are planning to buy a sewing machine that can suffice all your needs and that can help you in creating designer jeans, curtains, gowns, cushion covers, basically anything and everything under the sun, then Brother PC420 PRW Project Runway Sewing Machine must surely be on your short list. Take a closer look through the link on this page. If you do go as far as purchasing the PC420 please enjoy sewing different styles of garments and enjoy the plaudits from your colleagues.

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