A Very Quick Guide to Buying an Embroidery Machine

Embroidery Machines are essentially the combination of the old hobby of stitching designs to a cloth or fabric and the latest computer technology. Prior to the advent of modern embroidery machines everything had to be done by hand. As you can imagine – and maybe know from experience – that is a meticulous and painstaking process and can take for several hours to achieve anything. Enter, embroidery machine and the process now only takes a few minutes. Not only do the machines offer speed of process but accuracy and perfection is always assured every time the needle starts to move.

If you are considering buying an embroidery machine, here are some things you should consider:

Identify the Embroidery Machine features you require

Embroidery Machines by their very nature can be very complex, employing lots of features. More features means higher cost. You don’t want to be paying for functionality you will never use, and on the other hand you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new machine only to discover in a year’s time that you have outgrown its feature set. There is no point in you purchasing an industrial grade machine which costs into the thousands of dollars and is capable of stitching heavy fabrics with relative ease, if you are never likely to need that facility. Neither do you wish to buy a machine which is so complex that you as a beginner cannot get your head around its complexity. Don’t just buy the most sophisticated and complex embroidery machine you could find. More often than not, these machines are left useless and gathering dusts because owners do not know how to use it and gave up embroidery completely out of frustration.

The only way to avoid this is to produce a list of the features you require. This is especially necessary for the beginner who from lack of experience may not know what functions and features they need. The list making process may require a little bit of time as you research the subject, but it will be time and effort well spent. Make sure that the embroidery machine you buy would definitely serve your purpose.

Set the Budget for your Embroidery Machine

As with just about anything we as consumers eventually purchase the choice of that item is always a trade off between our needs and our available budget. You probably already have a notional figure in your head. Searching the internet is probably the easiest method of determining what you are likely to get in terms of embroidery machine for your dollar. Take a look at some of the best selling machines for your initial maximum price point and see what features they include. Then begin the “bargaining” process as you adjust your budget against the features the machines at that price include. This may mean your maximum price goes up. Or, it may mean you have to drop a feature or two.

Just a few important provisos about your Embroidery Machine purchase

Embroidery machines can cost thousands of dollars so you have to be mindful of your set budget. As with everything else, make sure you don’t just go with the most expensive, for sometimes, cost cannot be equated with quality.

Make sure your research includes the accessories you may need. The add-ons may be cheaper if purchased with the machine. Some may be difficult to obtain at a later stage. Find out before you buy.

Finally, while this article has focused on features, functionality and price please take into consideration these other key matters. Check out the warranty – its duration and extent of cover. Also, the retailer may have a separate guarantee. Look into the service/support reputation of the manufacturer/retailer. With respect to warranties and customer support we have no reservation in recommending products from manufacturers like Brother and Singer and a retailer like Amazon.com.

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